LIFESTYLE | A Detox from your Phone

Last night when I was out with some friends I got commend, which made me a bit annoyed. The two friends I was with were continually looking up there phone and I wasn’t, because I always think it’s a bit rude. One of them literally asked; ‘ Do you have friends, because you never look at your?’ Those were his exact words. I thought that was so weird that someone actually said it was negative that I actually paid attention to them instead of my phone.
I used to be one of those who always looked at my phone every 2 minutes, cause oh no if I missed something. My desire for my phone changed when one time I went out for some drinks with just one friend and the only thing she was paying attention to was her phone. It was so awkward to be there in


FASHION | Ray-Ban Clubmaster Aluminium

I have bought some sunglasses and while I usually never bought a pair that was over the price of 10 euro, this time I invested in my sunglasses. The pair I have bought is from Rayban and it’s the Clubmaster Aluminium in Bronze-Copper, also the code is RB3507 139/85 49-21 for those who are wondering.
A few months ago I heard that I can’t wear my contacts anymore and that I have to wear my glasses, sadly enough that means for me that every moment I am awake I have to put on my glasses. As you might know summer is coming and well I wanted to protect my eyes, well that’s kind of the story


FASHION | Festival Fashion + I am going to Sziget!

Arrgh I am so excited, arrgh is my excited scream. This week I found out that I am going to Sziget for 2 days, the Wednesday and the Friday! I am going to with my friend to Budapest for a week to explore the city and we though why not visit the biggest festival of Europe? So we decided to mix and match. We are going for 6 days to Budapest and except the Wednesday and Friday we are going to see the city and taste a little bit of culture.
Anyway back to the Festival, which I am very excited about. There are a few names known, which includes Halestorm(!!), Awolnation and Foals! Arrgh! Another thing I am really excited about is of course the fashion, cause we all know Festival fashion is a thing on itself. You can dress however you like on a festival without getting weird looks and I want to take advantage of that, with that I mean I will probably plan all my outfits a month before the actual festival. I thought I would show you guys


MAKE-UP | Max Factor Lipfinity

Today I will tell you guys a little bit more about the lip product I am loving at the moment, the Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Color. I am reviewing three here, but whilst I am writing this I actually purchased another one.. I am obsessed with these.

First of all the colour range is great, since there are 46 shades. There are a lot of brownish colours and I know a lot of people are not really into that, however I really do like the colours with a little bit of brown through them.
Let me just say the lasting performance is amazing, it really does last at least half a day. After that it will kind of crumble at your lips and sadly enough it’s not a smart thing to reapply, believe me it will look gross. I actually bought them originally for a night out, just so I don’t have to worry about them. However, they are kind of addicted. At some day I thought well even though it’s not night I still don’t want to look after my lip colour and touch up, that was the point the lipfinity landed in my everyday make-up bag. This is not really a good thing, because after I remove it my lips are really dry and I


MAKE-UP| Bourjois Liner Feutre

Today I am going to review the Bourjois Liner Feutre in Purple. As you might know, purple on your eyes is totally hyping right now and I wanted to try it out, so when I saw this liner I was a bit intrigued. I never saw purple eyeliner at the drugstore before or saw reviews on it and hey there was a 1+1 action, which makes me buy more.

This purple liner is pigmented, but somehow still buildable on the colour. With one stripe you have a nice noticeable line, but you can apply more to get the colour more intense. The liner does get into the fine lines a bit, but unless you are looking really close you can’t really see it. Okay I don’t know if this is a plus or a negative point, but this stuff is hard-core waterproof/oil proof. It says it is long lasting and yeah it is, but at the point were I was cleaning my eye with pure arganoil for at leas 20


MAKE-UP | Mac Pro Longwear Concealer

Today I am going to tell you guys about my new favourite concealer, the Mac Pro longwear Concealer. You are probably sick of hearing people rave about this concealer, because literally everyone who tries it absolutely loves it and I am totally one of them!
I hold of on buying this concealer for a long time, because I am always way to late with a hype. Anyway, I bought it at my closest mac counter and the mua at the counter matched me with NW20. This is a perfect colour match for me and it is really brightening under the eyes.

I use this for a month now and I use it everyday, because it truly doesn’t move. I always apply the concealer on my hand first and the first time I used it I realised at the end of the day that the concealer was still there on my hand, while I did wash my hand (don’t worry). I think that’s a great sign, it sincerely didn’t butch! The coverage is not full coverage, but it’s definitely great for me. I apply one layer under my eyes and some imperfections and it covers it almost perfectly, but it stills shows the


PERSONAL UPDATE| Changing my mind set

Hey there guys!
It’s been a long time and I am sorry for that, really. I decided I might give you guys a life update. I have been I walking against obstacles and I decided to acknowledge those problems, instead of ignoring them. I needed to change my mind set and feel like it’s okay to slow down, so that I could enjoy my school and life in generally more. I wanted to share my thoughts I had so I could clear my mind and you guys might find this helpful.

I have to remember why I chose this study.
I have always been really perfectionistic and critical towards myself and that is actually good with this study, however I have decided to set the bar lower and try to enjoy life more. I needed to remember why I chose the study, because I didn’t draw for fun anymore. I used to just draw for
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