OOTD | The fall colours comeback

Today I went to the forest, I’m proud at myself. I went with my mom and my dog, which I didn’t forget this time, go me! I am so happy to live in the Netherlands for the first time in forever, since normally it’s always raining. Because of the somewhat better weather now I can enjoy the forest, which is a 10-minute walk from my house.  You might see that I like ZARA, since I am wearing a lot of them. Also if your wondering, my lipstick is MAC Ruby woo.


FASHION | Turtleneck collage

They are making a comeback this year and I totally love it, the turtleneck. I think it looks classy, but also very comfortable and warm. I’ve got my first turtleneck a few weeks ago and even though I don’t like to wear my hair up, I love the combo of a turtleneck with a ponytail. I have made a collage of some outfit inspiration with turtlenecks and I like how you can dress it up, but also definitely dress it down.

Q: What is your favourite outfit?


MAKE-UP | A perfect nude lip combo

I was searching for so long and I’ve finally found one, a nude (ish) lip.  I always love a nude lip on other people, but somehow it just didn’t work on me. My quite pigmented lips and a nude lipstick just isn’t a good combo, I always looked quite sick and it just didn’t look right.


OOTD | Big cosy sweather

Normally I really don’t like autumn, because all I see is rain and coldness. This year however autumn totally rocks so much that I decided to actually go outside, the sun shines and everyone is happy. Except the dog, cause when my friend and I were in the forest we suddenly remembered that we should have brought my dog.
I wore my really cosy oversized knitted sweater from monki with my shorts that I’ve also got from monki last year, but you can’t see the shorts since the sweater is huge. I’ve got some panties underneath with my Bordeaux All-Stars sneakers and I thought it looked quite cute, my coat I’ve got from a vintage market. Click on read more to see the whole outfit!


BEAUTY | How I cleared up my skin

Hey there,
Before I get into my skincare, I will tell you guys a bit of history about my skin. I am sorry if this is a long post, but I am also telling you guys about how I’ve got my skin cleared up.

I had always a very problematic skin, I had a really oily skin with lots of acne. At some point I saw myself buying skincare around 50 euros and that even didn’t work, so I decided to go to the dermatologist. First I’ve got some antibiotics for my skin, but after that didn’t work I’ve got Rocco tine.
Rocco tine is a pretty heavy treatment, I have my blood tested every month to check if everything is still okay and I had to sign a contract that I wouldn’t become pregnant. The treatment lasts around 6-9 months and after that the chance of the acne coming back is around 4 %, how amazing is that?
I am already noticing a big difference in my skin, my acne is massively reduced and my hair in’t oily anymore after one day.


MAKE-UP | Essie Over the Edge nailpolish

I found a new love and it’s not the colour, but the formula. I was never a nail polish kind and that's an understatement, I even hated it. I knew that when I spent an hour letting the nails dry and after that I would mess it up, since the nail polish somehow never really dried up. Some times there was an exception and it managed to stay on my nails, the next day it would have been chipped. I stopped wearing nail polish because of those reasons, until now.


MUSIC | Halestorm

I want to tell you about a band and to give you an idea of my love fort hem, I am listening to the same album for 3 years and I still like it. How often do you have that? I still get excited when I hear their songs and I still listen to them on repeat.

I am talking about Halestorm, they are a female hard rock band with a female leadsinger. De band excists out lead vocalist and guitarist Lzzy Hale, the drummer and percussionist Arejay Hale, the guitarist Joe Hottinger and bassist Josh Smith. The band came together in 1998 and signed a contract by Atlantic Records in 2005. Here they released the album about what I was talking about in April 2012, called The Strange Case of… They are also going to release a new album at the end of 2014, which I am very excited about!

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