SHOPPING | The Body Shop and Drugstore Make-up Sales

Hey there guys,

Apparently not only the fashion stores has some major sales going on, also the drugstore has some nice deals. I’ve went by the Body Shop and drugstore shops called Kruidvat and Etos, were I obviously bought some things.

First of all I have bought 3 Christmas editions shower gels, which were reduced to 2,10 euros! I’ve got the Vanilla Brûlée and the Frosted Cranberry scented ones, but Vanilla Brûlée is absolutely my favourite. It smells like you were baking cupcakes and you are washing yourself with them, okay it


FOTD | 5 Product Make-up Challenge

I thought I would show you my almost everyday make-up for the oh **** I’ve only got 5 minutes to do my make-up, which is pretty much every school day.
It is really (like, Really!) easy, but I think a lot of you guys are still going to school/study and don’t want to spent a lot of time on make-up in the morning. I actually used to wear a full face of make-up last year, but I just couldn’t keep up with it. I woke up an half hour earlier just to do my make-up, just


MAKE-UP | Mac Groundwork Paint Pot

As you might know I am wearing glasses and not those look how fashionable-type of glasses, but the Ohgod I can’t see without what am I doing-glasses. Sadly enough for me I have to wear them probably a long time, because I can’t wear my contacts anymore. I wanted something really easy to put on my eyelids and just be done with my eye make-up, because I have absolutely (literally) no idea what I am doing.

I found my effortless make-up product in the Mac Paint Pot in Groundwork, it’s a cream eye shadow in a brown colour. Mac Paint Pots are mostly used as a primer underneath shadow, but I like using it


LIFESTYLEl | Waiting for summer to arrive

Does anyone else has that when the holidays are over you just want summer, but you still have to put up with the rain? Okay I get that it’s not okay if the weather is really sunny when it’s Christmas and that it’s nice to have the really sad grey-looking weather outside in contrast with the cosy and warm environment inside, but now you just want to go outside.
It’s a new year and you want to go outside to get as much as possible out of your year, but you can’t


MAKE-UP | Mac Mineralize Brushkit

For Christmas I’ve got this gorgeous brush set from MAC, it’s the Mac Keepsake Mineralize Brush Kit. I know, I know it’s not available anymore. I thought I would do a little close up anyway, because the brushes individual are still available in store.

This brush kit contains 4 travel sizes brushes: the 187SE, 130SE, 287SE and the 286SE. I’ve red that a lot of people didn’t like that they were travel size, but I actually kind of like it. You know that saying; everything miniature is cute and adorable? Why doesn’t that count for brushes, because they


LIFESTYLE | My 2014 Favourites

2014 Has come to an end and today I am showing you what were my absolute favourites from this year.

First of this Zara scarf that has a tartan print on one side and on the other side a black/white print (I can’t remember the name of it!), which is the warmest thing ever! I have bought this just before Christmas last year and it’s still in great quality and I regretted the 25 euro not for a bit, even though it is quite expensive. It’s like a blanket and all those cold days spending on the train station this was the only thing keeping me warm, I love it.
The second thing also came from Zara and it’s a (fake) leather jacket, I truly believe everyone


Hooray Tassie first anniversary + 2014 statics!!

Woow there are two celebrations going online this week, I should have done this one yesterday as well, because yesterday Tassie existed exactly 1 year!!!!!!! I am blogging for 1 year (and 1 day) and I feel like I have learned a lot in that year, especially with my photographs! I also post more regularly then before, before the holidays I had a good scheme for posting twice a week. I know it’s not a lot, but it’s hard to post everyday when you have to go to school. I hope I can combine it better next year
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