vrijdag 15 augustus 2014

LIFESTYLE | My summer in Bulgaria

Hey guys!

Last Monday got I back from my vacation in Bulgaria and in this post I will show you some of the pictures I made!
I went together with my family to Duni resort, which is a resort containing 5 hotels. We stayed in the marina Royal Palace, which should be the best resort there because it has 5 stars; I’ve no idea if that’s true.

This was actually the third time we were there and it was still great! I love this hotel mostly because you get involved with other people from the same age, and most of the people you’ve met there will come back too. The day I arrived there I already saw some people of last years and it was so great to see them again! Because of them I met a lot of people with who I hanged out the next weeks too.

Normally during the day I would just lay in the sun, swim or I saw some people I’ve met there and we played some card games and drank something together. Nothing too hard, I am all about doing nothing on vacation. You could however do a lot of active things there, they had a lot of dancing lessons, and you could go to archery or practice yoga. The most fun part where everyone joined was the aqua splash, everyone would just jump in the pool and the entertainers would show you the dances and you just repeated it.
In the evening my normal routine was to go to dinner with my parents, you can go to all the 5 hotels if you wanted. There is also an Italian restaurant and a Bulgarian restaurant, I can really recommend the Italian restaurant. The food there was great, there was one minor thing, the pizzas were awful. Mostly because I don’t like the cheese in Bulgaria and if you order quarto fromage, there is going to be some cheese.
After dinner we would watch the shows from the entertainers, who were really good! They are all professional dancers and they make their own shows, so it’s not the same shows you see everywhere. Also there are beach and pool parties, but in my opinion they aren’t that great. There is a really awesome act though with fire.
After the show we went to the wunderbar and there we would just hang out with friends we made there and dance a bit, afterwards we always went to the disco. The disco was most of the times empty and played Bulgarian song, which sucked, but because we were with a fun group of people we enjoyed ourselves.

Anyway here are the photo's!

The aquasplash!

Here we watched the sunrise at 6 'o clock, it was gorgeous even though I couldn't make a lot of pictures of it.
 This was what we ate at the Italian restaurant, doesn't that just look delicious.
I also wanted too share this awesome kitkat-shake I had when we visited Bourgas.
A picture of our group, I hope I will see them again!
 On the way back home I saw the sunset from a vip place, the plane. It was really hard to make a good picture of it but this is what came out, everyone in the plane was just looking at it and saying it was gorgeous. There was also a little child screeming omg it's the moon.. haha!

What did you do this summer?

zondag 20 juli 2014

OOTD | My 18th birthday

Hey guys,
I am officially an adult now (ahum..), last Friday I became 18! Honestly I didn’t really had the birthday excitement, maybe that’s because of that I didn’t celebrated my birthday until the next day. Friday I went to my niece her birthday who celebrated her 22th birthday, always funny when I am at her birthday and everyone realises that we were born at the same date and hasty congratulates me too.
Saturday my family came over and ate with us, we barbequed which was so nice with the heat haha! But it was quite nice even though everyone was really sweaty because of the heat wave. Those who visited were also really spoiling me! I thought it was a nice and fun day!

Dress: Pull&Bear Shoes: Ziengs

vrijdag 18 juli 2014

MAKE-UP | Mac See Sheer

Hey guys!

I bought my third mac lipstick today, so now I have two lipsticks.. I lost my Ruby Woo lipstick (Sad face)! I really hope it will show up someday and I am thinking about ordering it again since it’s the best long-lasting red lipstick. Anyway, I was looking for a nice everyday lipstick, which wasn’t pink. I don’t know why but I don’t think pink looks good on me, so I searched for a toned down red. When I was looking by the lipsticks at the mac counter at douglas two lipsticks caught my eye, Cosmo and See sheer. I chose see sheer, since it’s for me a my lips but better shade and it’s an uplifting colour.
Sea sheer is a lustre lipstick from mac, it looks quite bright but goes on sheer. It’s comfortable at the lips, but it doesn’t last very long. I am really happy with it, it’s a nice throw in the bag/fits with everything kind of colour!

Let me know what your favourite everyday lipstick and if you have any recommendations!

maandag 14 juli 2014

SHOPPING | Zara summer sale shoplog

Hey guys!

Saturday I went sale shopping in the Zara! I absolutely love their clothes, but it’s always a bit pricey and that’s why I love their second sale. I don’t get why people always say they can’t find anything in the second sale, I thought they kind of had everything they had in the first sale.

Firs item is a really, REALLY oversized sweater, it’s almost a dress. Most people always laugh at me because I always check the sweaters in the sale. In mine opinion, sale is the best time to check out the sweaters. This one was reduced too 10 euros! Instead of paying 40 euro, which is a normal price for a sweater! I am so happy with it, you can never have enough cosy sweaters (especially in the Netherlands).

The second item is a checked blouse, which was 10 euros. I think you can never have enough checked blouses, and I didn’t actually had anyone left which I fitted (shocker).

And lastly my favourite purchases, a really cute jumpsuit! I absolutely love the pattern and I love the way it fits, and it was only 15 euro. I saw this one before the sale and I loved it already, but the price held me back. I was so happy to see this one in the sale!

So yes that was everything for that day, there is probably coming more since I am going to Amsterdam next week! Don’t you just love the sale?

zondag 22 juni 2014

LIFESTYLE | Starting to workout

Hey guys! 

First of all, I am sorry for my long, long absence. My school takes a lot of my time now, I just finished a big project and I have now 2 weeks of school to go until I have my unofficial vacation. I actually thought that I had school until 21 July and so did my teachers. Apparently after the project we had 3 weeks left and so all the really big end assignments just get squeezed into those weeks.

Any ways, I am really proud to say I am going to a sport school. I am one of those kind of people who really, really don’t like working out, especially not when other people are watching you. For the last months I wanted to work out but I thought I could just do it on my own, start running or do workouts at home. Well, that didn’t workout. I did really run a few times, but I just didn’t had any motivation.

So if I wanted to workout I made sure I didn’t had any excuses.

  • The sport school is a 7-minute walk from my house.
  • I can go with my mom who goes there too and so she can push me there.
  • There is a really relaxing environment and people are not watching or bothering you.
Yeah go me! I am going to be a really anti-social person there, but at least I am doing something. 

My introduction les is on Saturday at Health Works and no I am not excited, but I am sort of proud at myself for doing it. They have also lessons like yoga or spinning, so maybe I will try out the lessons too. I hear a lot of good things of yoga and that it’s fun and good for you, so who knows? Maybe I will get excited about working out someday.  

Let me know if you have any tips for this new sport school member(?) to get motivated and if you are also one of those kind of people who don’t like sport!

zaterdag 7 juni 2014

And the winner is..

Last month I started a give-away for the summer accessories and today I am going announce the winner, actually I should have announced the winner yesterday. I am very sorry that it didn’t happen, but I was all day on a wedding. The winner I already had yesterday though, but didn’t have the time to make the article. 
Anyway, so the winner is…. Carlijn! Congratulations and I hope you can get a lot of wear out of them.


zondag 25 mei 2014

GIVE AWAY| Summer accessories REMINDER

Hey guys!

This is a reminder for the give-away, which started 16 May, it's very easy to join so let's do that! I also wanted to say that there aren't many participants and that if that stays that way I might let it go on longer.

So if you want to participate click here!