MAKE-UP | My M.A.C purchases

Hey you!
I have a confession, I went shopping at the mac counters (again). Over the past year my love for mac grew, it’s great quality and it’s not so expensive as most high-end makeup!

Read the rest of the article to find out what I bought and my opinion about it.


LIFESTYLE | The liebsteraward

Last week I’ve got nominated for the liebsteraward by Rebecca, from the blog called Living a Lie. I saw the liebsteraward going around the Dutch blogs, but since I write in English I will translate it.

The liebsteraward is a tag for unknown bloggers, so you can get to know them a bit. You have to answer 11 questions that were made by the person who tagged you and afterwards you have to tag 11 unknown blogs, who have less then 200 followers. I hope that explained it a little bit for you!

1. The person who nominated you has to be linked back in your post.
2. The 11 questions underneath had to be answered in your blog post.
3. After answering the questions you have to nominate 11 bloggers (The nominated bloggers has to have less then 200 followers).
4. You have to make up 11 questions for the people you have nominated.
5. The person who nominated you can’t be nominated.
6. You have to let the nominated people know by sending them a link to your blog post.

1. Do you like to be alone or are you rather around people?
I am a bit of both. I love to be alone and find it really relaxing, but on the other hand I also love to hang out with my friends. I think it’s healthy to enjoy your alone time, but it’s also really important to be around people and socialize.

2. Describe your perfect ‘me time’ night.
A me night, I mostly include a nice hair mask and a movie. It’s kind of cliché but hey, it’s a point that every chick flick has a scene of her pampering herself.


SHOPPING | Back to school shoplog

August has come, and so did school. My study starts at 8 september and I always have this thing (kuch..) were I find that school is a excuse for me to shop. It makes it more fun to go back and yes.. excuses for spending money.. But hey as long as I believe it!
I went to Bershka, pull and bear and the Zara.

High-waisted jeans
I've bought this jeans thinking it was blackish grey, how could I not notice it was 100% grey. Good job Natasja, good job. Anyway I love the jeans from Bershka, almost all my pants are from them. I know my size there and only once a pair of jeans broke after 4 years of wear. I think that's pretty good! I also love high-waisted jeans since I think they are so much more flattering then just normal jeans, I don't know they just have something extra I guess. They were 24,99 euro.

Long-sleeved printed t-shirt
This is a t-shirt, which is perfect for this weather and for the weather that's coming. It's a perfect between T-shirt, it's good for warm weather and cold weather. I also quite like the floral print, but it's a bit of a twist on the floral print. I like it and it was 29,99 euro, it came from the Bershka.

Fake-leather legging
It's a handy piece to have and I like the material. It's the kind of material that can survive the washing machine, which my last leather legging couldn't. They came from the Bershka and were 14,99 euro.

Dress with floral print
It's a really nice flowy dress, but it still maintains its waist small. This would look really lovely in the autumn with the leather legging! It was from the Berscha and was 29,99 euro.

Printed Sweather
This sweater is from scuba material and I am not really sure if I like the material. I think it feels fancy, but if it's comfortable I am still going to have to find out. I do really like the print on it, it's a water-painted floral maybe? I also like the colours on it, it's white with purple/blue. The sweater was from pull and bear and it was 25,99 euro.

Floral Kimono
I couldn't find this one online, so I couldn't link it. Well do I have to say much? Kimonos are so trending right now and yeah, I want to squeeze in! I chose this one because it's easier to combine then my other one, a white one with bright yellow and blue. It came from pull and bear and was around 30 euro, sorry I lost the price carts

White blouse

I was searching so long for a nice white blouse, which didn't was shine-through. Because I don't like wearing like tops underneath another transparent blouse, I like to wear a bandeau or something underneath that. Since that's not really appropriate for school, I looked further. I found this top by the Zara and fell in love with it! It's again a nice top for autumn and it's wide fitted, which makes the blouse a bit more unique. It was 25,95 euro.
Printed top
I love the Zara mostly because of their unique prints, just like this one. The best thing is, I found this in sale! I am a bit proud of myself because of that sorry. Any way from the front it's just a normal top, but the back it half naked, there are 2 buttons who hold the back together (I added a close-up so you can see). I have to say the straps are a bit to long so I have to adjust them, otherwise I will show a bit too much of a braw woops. It was 7,99 euro.


LIFESTYLE | Boating to Nesebar

Hey there!
In my last article I posted my holiday photos, but I left a part out (sneaky me).

During my vacation in Bulgaria I went to Nesebar, it’s a old city placed in the province Bourgas. Nesebar is also called the oldest city of Europe, since there is still a lot of history to see. You can see remnants of Greek culture, Byzantine basilicas and all the houses still look like they came out of the Renaissance years.

We went to Nesebar with the fast-ferry, which is a boat that goes really fast! The trip from Sozopol to Nesebar took around 20 minutes, sadly they didn’t had a lot of places to stand outside and enjoy the sea. I did make some photo's though from the really, small crouded area.
When we arrived in Nesebar the tour Gide showed us around and told us the stories behind the buildings, there were a lot of churches! I would have liked to hear more about the Greek culture, since I am a sucker for greek history. The stories we have heard instead were also really interested, especially the one were the people weren’t aloud to build churches, but found a way around it. They also had a competition between man and woman, about who could build the most beautiful church (The woman won, ohyeah). I would love to tell you guys more but it would be a really long article then.

After the tour we had 4 hours of free time, which was a bit too much. We started to visit the shops they had, but it was kind of a turkey market. Which is great, no offence at all, but it’s not something for my parents or me. But after doing that for an hour we saw it all, and we got lost.
We were searching for the jetty for an hour haha, we had no idea if we were going in the right direction. We did saw a lot of beautiful views though, what we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. The only downside was that it was boiling hot and there wasn’t a breeze, which is kind of strange when you are so close to the beach.
Finally when we found the jetty we were so tired and really desperate for a cool area, so for the next two hours we just decided to eat sushi inside a restaurant with air-conditioning. We felt kind of guilty for spending 2 hours in a restaurant instead of exploring the old city, but it just was too hot and we couldn’t handle it. But, Hey! The sushi was really yummy!


LIFESTYLE | My summer in Bulgaria

Hey guys!

Last Monday got I back from my vacation in Bulgaria and in this post I will show you some of the pictures I made!
I went together with my family to Duni resort, which is a resort containing 5 hotels. We stayed in the marina Royal Palace, which should be the best resort there because it has 5 stars; I’ve no idea if that’s true.

This was actually the third time we were there and it was still great! I love this hotel mostly because you get involved with other people from the same age, and most of the people you’ve met there will come back too. The day I arrived there I already saw some people of last years and it was so great to see them again! Because of them I met a lot of people with who I hanged out the next weeks too.

Normally during the day I would just lay in the sun, swim or I saw some people I’ve met there and we played some card games and drank something together. Nothing too hard, I am all about doing nothing on vacation. You could however do a lot of active things there, they had a lot of dancing lessons, and you could go to archery or practice yoga. The most fun part where everyone joined was the aqua splash, everyone would just jump in the pool and the entertainers would show you the dances and you just repeated it.
In the evening my normal routine was to go to dinner with my parents, you can go to all the 5 hotels if you wanted. There is also an Italian restaurant and a Bulgarian restaurant, I can really recommend the Italian restaurant. The food there was great, there was one minor thing, the pizzas were awful. Mostly because I don’t like the cheese in Bulgaria and if you order quarto fromage, there is going to be some cheese.
After dinner we would watch the shows from the entertainers, who were really good! They are all professional dancers and they make their own shows, so it’s not the same shows you see everywhere. Also there are beach and pool parties, but in my opinion they aren’t that great. There is a really awesome act though with fire.
After the show we went to the wunderbar and there we would just hang out with friends we made there and dance a bit, afterwards we always went to the disco. The disco was most of the times empty and played Bulgarian song, which sucked, but because we were with a fun group of people we enjoyed ourselves.

Anyway here are the photo's!

The aquasplash!

Here we watched the sunrise at 6 'o clock, it was gorgeous even though I couldn't make a lot of pictures of it.
 This was what we ate at the Italian restaurant, doesn't that just look delicious.
I also wanted too share this awesome kitkat-shake I had when we visited Bourgas.
A picture of our group, I hope I will see them again!
 On the way back home I saw the sunset from a vip place, the plane. It was really hard to make a good picture of it but this is what came out, everyone in the plane was just looking at it and saying it was gorgeous. There was also a little child screeming omg it's the moon.. haha!

What did you do this summer?


OOTD | My 18th birthday

Hey guys,
I am officially an adult now (ahum..), last Friday I became 18! Honestly I didn’t really had the birthday excitement, maybe that’s because of that I didn’t celebrated my birthday until the next day. Friday I went to my niece her birthday who celebrated her 22th birthday, always funny when I am at her birthday and everyone realises that we were born at the same date and hasty congratulates me too.
Saturday my family came over and ate with us, we barbequed which was so nice with the heat haha! But it was quite nice even though everyone was really sweaty because of the heat wave. Those who visited were also really spoiling me! I thought it was a nice and fun day!

Dress: Pull&Bear Shoes: Ziengs