LIFESTYLE | Decorating the Christmas Tree

Okay I found out yesterday, Christmas is less than a week away.. Damn.. That came quickly.
I thought that I would help those few people who aren’t in the Christmas mood yet to get it, by showing our Christmas tree. My dad and I decorate the tree every year as long as I remember and I don’t want to be bragging, but I think we do a pretty good one. Well at least people always say that we have a gorgeous tree so yeah, they might just say that to be polite.
We always have a white tree and my family is a bit addicted to buying Christmas decorations, that we actually couldn’t put everything in the tree. Anyway I hope you like it!


SHOPPING | Gift guide for him

Okay I have to admit something, I am already stressing out for thinking of a present form y dad for Christmas. Every year it’s such a trouble, because he never really wants something and my dad’s birthday is also in the same month. Double the trouble! The only thing he asks for is perfume and yeah, my mom mostly buys parfume too and then he gets 4 perfumes, that’s just not that fun. Anyway I thought I would share some ideas with you guys for a present for man, a boyfriend or a uncle, everyone might like this.

Well first of the obvious, perfume. This is like the perfect easy stocking filler to buy, because all man use it and it will always come on handy. A nice one is the paco rabanne 1 million, even better if you can get a set with a nice deodorant added with it!

A new tablet/phone case is always handy I think, especially because man don’t really care about the state that theirs is in and don’t see that it can brake anytime. If you want to be fancy you can even


MAKE-UP | Maybelline Color Drama

Since I am absolutely not affected by the rave that’s going on about these Maybelline Color Drama lip pencils (Kuch sarcasm), I decided too buy them and check them out for myself! I’ve got the Berry Much shade, which is a really dark berry colour. I think it’s a perfect colour for autumn even though it’s a lot darker then I usually wear, but I love it anyway!


FASHION | My new glasses

Behold, my new glasses! I needed some new glasses, because first of all my old glasses are 2 years old and my strength of my glasses are a bit out of date. I also really wanted a new pair, since I need to wear them all the time for a long period of time and I wanted something a bit more comfortable. My old pair was really heavy and they didn’t had those rubbery things on the nose (I hope this was clear enough), which causes my lashes to wipe over the glasses and that resulted in my glasses becoming dirty in 2 seconds after cleaning.


LIFESTYLE | The Christmas TAG

Hey there, since it's already December and Christmas is a few weeks away I thought I would do a Christmassy post. I did The Christmas TAG and I hope you like it!

What’s Your Favourite Holiday Movie? 
I have two, How the Grinch stole Christmas and Home Alone. As long as I remember we watched those movies at Christmas eve.

What Are Your Favourite Christmas Colours?
 Bordeaux red and emerald green are my favourite colours for Christmas, well not just Christmas. I like to wear them all around the fall and winter season!

Do You Like To Stay in Your PJs Or Dress Up For Christmas?
On Christmas Eve I always wear my PJs, on Christmas day I always put a lot of effort in my clothes and make-up. I actually like that it’s acceptable around this time of year to look a bit more fancy then normal!

If You Could Only Buy One Person a Present This Year Who Would It Be? 
Well I am only child and since I only do gift giving with my parents, I choose my mom. I hate buying gifts for my dad, it’s so difficult!


FASHION | My own designed T-shirt

As you might know I am studying Graphic Design, or if you didn’t know you know now ha! Okay well Last week I had a workshop about how I could print my design on a T-shirt and I thought I would show you guys!

Everyone in our class had to design a graphic for the T-shirt and you can see on the piece of paper on the photo what I designed, I am actually really happy how it turned out. I actually had a more complicated design, but my teacher said I should simplify it.


OOTD | The fall colours comeback

Today I went to the forest, I’m proud at myself. I went with my mom and my dog, which I didn’t forget this time, go me! I am so happy to live in the Netherlands for the first time in forever, since normally it’s always raining. Because of the somewhat better weather now I can enjoy the forest, which is a 10-minute walk from my house.  You might see that I like ZARA, since I am wearing a lot of them. Also if your wondering, my lipstick is MAC Ruby woo.

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