A Bag-ish Shoplog from Asos

Did you see what I did there in the title, aargh okay it’s a really lame joke. I am not ashamed. Anyway last month I ordered my very first items from Asos and I wanted to make it official by writing a post about it, so that’s what I am doing now… obviously. Anyway I ordered 2 Leather bags from them and I am so sorry, one of them is apparently not available on their site anymore. I decided to show them anyway, because my most worn is still on the site.

I’ve got this black leather drawstring backpack or as I like to call it, a festival bag. This is such an easy backpack that I just fell in love with, it goes with everything. I like how it is save (as in not easy to rob), but still easy to get stuff in and out without everything falling. That last point is very important to me because I had that bag that took way too long to get your wallet in a really busy line, it makes you feel really uncomfortable believe me. 
I also got this Leather satchel, which is the one that isn’t available anymore. I really like this bag and the look of it, it’s a very lightweight bag. I really hate the fact this doesn’t match my new jacket I am obsessed with at all, which is the reason why I don’t wear it that much. Anyway it’s still a great bag and it’s a great quality, I always loved the satchel style bag and if it was still available I would recommend it.

Q: Which bag do you like most?


Travel Make-up Bag: Berlin Edition

Next week I am going to Berlin with school and I thought, let’s show you guys what I will bring with me make-up wise. I only brought the products I know I will use for sure, since I probably won’t have time to make a whole artwork on my face. I have to wake up every morning at 7 o’clock so I think I might be happy with just some powder, brow gel and mascara.

Max Factor Facefinity all day primer
Mac Studio Fix Powder
Mac Pro Longwear Concealer
Sleek Contourkit in Light
Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Seductive Pink


5 Random Facts about me #1

My best and worst feature is honesty.
I don’t know why but at some point I was like, screw that I won’t lie anymore. In one way it’s positive, because lying is not nice. In the other way I also stopped lying for other peoples sake.

On the elementary school I was obsessed with the TV show Anubis.
I am not even exaggerating, I looked up every detail that might actually be true. A positive thing is that I learned a lot about Egypt. Every Anubis themed toy, book, game or whatever I needed. We even had a secret Anubis club, secret as in every girl of the class was in the club.


SHOPPING | My Self-Designed Nike ID Shoes

Six weeks ago I have ordered a pair of Nike ID Running shoes and today they finally arrived, so I thought I would show them to you today. I think Nike ID is such a cool concept, you can basically decide how you want your shoes to look and just almost design them yourself. The only downside is that you have to wait a long time before it actually arrives, but I think it’s worth waiting for something that’s absolutely you.

I have tried a lot of combos of shoes and colouring, but I always came back to this combo you see at the photos, so I decided that after trying for 50 times this should be it. I chose the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31 with a colour scheme of black and white, because I want to be able to wear them with everything and you can never go wrong with these colours actually. These shoes are actually running shoes and not like the everyday casual shoe, however I thought I could totally make these work for everyday and I wanted some shoes I could walk on everyday without my feet getting painfully. I


SPORT | Workout Clothes + Update

I found out that when I have some cute clothes to workout in actually gives me motivation. I thought I could show you the clothes I currently wearing and give you guys a update of what I am currently doing.

First of all my sport bra and top are from H&M, I actually bought the top 2 sizes too big. They didn’t had my size, but I wanted a loose top that didn’t showed every negative thing of my body so… Let’s say the top is oversized, sound much better then too big. The pants are from Asics, I actually have 2 of them. 3 years ago I bought these workout pants and they are still going strong, so I decided too buy a pair I know that will last really long. These pants are quite correcting, I always look a bit slimmer when I wear them, which is always positive thing.

I found something a sport I don’t dislike as much! It’s called Body Balance and it’s a combination of


OOTD | There is something about the combo of Casual and White

I think a white piece is the ultimate way to get a casual that little umph, you know? Argh I don’t know what I mean ether. I just think that a really casual outfit and white just work really well, so lately I am collecting more white pieces to be able to wear more casual. I am really into casual and minimal lately. I really like that look, because first of all it’s pretty easy to accomplish and because I won’t feel uncomfortable in it. These pants I am wearing here I only have for like a year, but the distressed look got even worse. I don’t mind really, because it gets even more comfortable and holes in jeans also give that little bit extras to an outfit!


FASHION | 3x Kings day Outfits under €50,-

Next week It’s Kings Day in the Netherlands and the whole country wear orange at that day, since I have literally nothing orange in my closet I decided to show you some cute affordable outfits. Those outfits are all under 50 euros, however they are pretty summer-ish, so Netherland don’t you dare to make it rain. Here above you can see the first one with some details, but for the other two click on read more!

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